One year ago, I completed my first marathon on the Northwest Olympic Discovery Trail, beginning in Sequim and ending in Port Amgeles.  This weekend, we went back to bike it!  

Dawn and I dropped the boys off at one end of the trail while we drove to the other end so we could all meet somewhere in the middle – knowing the guys would bike much farther and much faster than us.

Everyone looked amazing and fast in their cycling gear and even I felt like a pro.  The wind was behind us as we zoomed along the coast, enjoying the spectacular view and chatting at a decent clip.

As we expected, it wasn’t long before we ran into these charming spandex-clad fellows!  The four of us turned back towards Port Angeles, but not before stopping for several photo ops.

Although I’m still pretty new at cycling, I had to admit that I’m shocked I ran this marathon route.  Those hills were no joke!  Still, the weather was perfect and the company was even better.  I’m really enjoying seeing everything from my new perspective!  Ride on! 🤘🏻