In my new corporate life, I only get a half hour for lunch, but because I'm taking a special class the next few days – not today! Instead of spending my hour nursing a cappuccino at a cafe or worse, lurking around the lunchroom, I took Aeris outside. As everyone else was milling about in the lunch room, I rolled my bike with her delicious clicky-click sound, out of the storage room, down the hall, into the elevator, and on to freedom. Just a few blocks away was the Seattle waterfront, not far from the ferry dock and all those other famous attractions. Tucked away in a little park, I found a bench and blissfully enjoyed my turkey avocado sandwich and fruit medley.

Daily, this bike is changing my perspective and changing my life. As I biked back to the office, I felt exhilarated, like I'd taken a mini-vacation. The tiniest espresso macchiato was the cherry on top.