I love going on adventures with our friends Todd and Dawn because I never know what I’m getting myself into. Wisely, they usually neglect to mention that for this particular adventure we need to drive a 3 hours before snowshoeing in the rain or that we’ll be waking up at 4am for another long drive before a long bike. But it always turns out great, and I return home at the end of the day in a danger zone of exhaustion. It’s always worth it to adventure with them.

Today, we didn’t have to wake up until 8am and take a ferry at 9:50. We’d decided to bike Vashon Island, with the ladies taking the rode down for peaceful lighthouse views while the guys went to punish themselves on some hills. Little did we know that it was also the P2P: Passport 2 Pain bike race. The course covered most of the island, hitting all the big hills – some of which we rode. Even on our abbreviated path, Dawn and I traversed many rolling hills and conquered one or two monsters. On the last big hill on our way back to town, after hours of biking, I stopped pedaling. At that moment, a race participant powered past me with resolve and said, Good work. I wasn’t even part of the race and he said that to me. My resolve was renewed. I got back into the saddle and pedaled all the way to the top where Dawn was waiting and cheering.

Most of the hills were okay, and it was really exhilarating to go flying down them. I’m not a daredevil and I’m not really a roller coaster person, but on the bike, I’m in control. Zooming down those hills in between green forests, with pops of orange leaves drifting down in the almost-Autumn weather. It’s an alternate wonderland with no cars or buildings, just me and my bike and The Nature. It’s therapy.

Dawn and I found an old school Country Store and stopped long enough to check it out and wash our faces. They had lots of yummy candies as well as other gifty things like chicken cards and homemade soaps.

Around noon, the four of us convened at a local bakery to refuel and share our adventures. The couples got back together and we went on our separate ferries home. When I woke up this morning, I had no idea that I’d be biking 30+ miles. And it was all worth it.